Led to Sea


Led to Sea
2007 - 10 song CD
"Led to Sea" is the performing name of songwriter, violist and multi-instrumentalist L. Alex Guy. Alex has played with Laura Viers, the Degenerate Art Ensemble and the Jason Webley Quartet.

The ten tracks on this album, her solo debut, are simply gorgeous. Strong, folkish songs blossom with sweeping string melodies.

1.Million Stars
2. Night Country
3. Led to Sea
4. Winter's Longest Night
5. Hitch
6. Like You Knew Me
7. Dark Like Night
8. Forget
9. Concrete Sky
10. Day Might Com

Produced by Jherek Bischoff.
With: Jherek Bischoff, Joanna Kent Katy, Josh Stewart and Jason Webley.

(C)2007, Eleven Records