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Elephant Elephant
by Evelyn Evelyn
2007 - 3-song colored vinyl 7" and 6-track CD.
Limited edition of 1,111

About a year ago Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls and Jason Webley received Myspace messages from the most unusual profile either of them had ever seen - conjoined twin sisters, both named Evelyn. Intrigued and charmed, they began corresponding with the twins hoping to lure them into the studio. The result is an EP that sounds like something the Andrews Sisters might have recorded if they had grown up in the circus listening to new wave music.

The record contains 2 original songs, Elephant Elephant and Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn as well as a cover of Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart and includes a CD of bonus tracks and out-takes.

This is the fourth record in a series of collaborative projects between Jason and his songwriter friends. Only 1,111 numbered copies of this disc will ever be made.

Note: The CD on this disc really is just some odd out-takes, not a full album's worth of material as on previous records in the series. Also, the Evelyn twins are scared of digital technoogy, so two of the songs on the vinyl are NOT included on the CD.

Side A:
1. Elephant Elephant
2. Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn

Side B:
1. Love Will Tear Us Apart

Bonus CD:
1. Elephant Elephant
2. Evelyn Evelyn Theme
3. Sandy's Theme
4. Medley
5. Eleven Elephant Elephants
6. Goodnight Evelyn

Recorded by Tim Smolens at Estradasphere Studios. All songs (C)2007 by Evelyn Evelyn Music (ASCAP) except 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' by Curtis, Hook, Sumner and Morris, published by Zomba Music Ltd.