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How Big is Tacoma
2006 - 2 song 7"
Plus 15 song Bonus CD
Limited edition of 1,111.

These songs were co-written with Michigan-based troubadour Andru Bemis. Andru tours the country by train and possesses one of the most beautiful and unique voices you will ever hear.

About a year ago, Jason and Andru decided to try to write a handful of songs together. The result was a batch of tunes that bounce around somewhere between beautiful and silly - Simon and Garfunkel meets the Muppet Show.

This is the second in a series of collaborative singles by Jason and other songwriters. These records are pressed on colored vinyl and include a bonus CD of out-takes and live versions. The CD also includes the songs from the 7" (since not everyone has a record player. )

Only 1,111 numbered copies of this disc were made.

Side A:
How Big is Tacoma listen

Side B:
Cereal at Night listen

Bonus CD:
1. How Bis is Tacoma
2. Cereal at Night
3. To the Death
4. Ringo Ramone
5. Crepes of Fife
6. Bjorn in Canada
7. Polar Bears
8. The Mountain and the Moon
9. Freezing
10. Bigger than Yours
11. There Is No Number 11
12. Cereal at Night (live 02/25/05)
13. How Big Is Tacoma (live 02/25/05)
14. How Big is Tacoma (live 04/30/05)
15. Cereal at Night (live 04/30/05)

All songs (C)2006 by Jason Webley and Andru Bemis.