Against the Night

Against the Night
Jason Webley
1999 - 17 song CD
With 'Against the Night' - his most popular release to date - Jason really comes into his own as a songwriter. Features "Dance While the Sky Crashes Down," "Last Song," and the title track. The soundtrack to a subtle apocalypse.

1. Against the Night
2. 2 am
3. Entropy
4. Winter
5. Devil Be Good
6. Jack of Spades
7. Dance While the Sky Crashes Down
8. Ontogeny
9. Again the Night
10. Millenium Bug
11. Constellation Prize
12. Absynthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
13. Eleutheria
14. Captain Where are We Going Now?
15. Back the Garden
16. Last Song
17. Lullaby

All songs (C)1999 by Jason Webley, except Ontogeny (C) 1999 by Jason Webley and Sean Lyon.
Recorded and mixed at home.

With: Michael McQuilken, John Osebold, some children and an army of trained monkeys.