Jason Webley
1998 - 10 song CD
Recorded quickly and simply in his kitchen, Jason's first album remains his rawest and most honest work. "Viaje" contains several of his signature songs: "Without," "Old Man Time Aint No Friend of Mine" and "Music that Tears Itself Apart."

"Insightful and earnest songs bring you to tears. Make you sob like your mother died. Then, with his genius showing like toilet paper on the shoe of a priest, Webley turns his music into a drunken bar fight."
-Pop Culture Press

1. Prelude
2. Without
3. Halloween
4. La Mesilla

5. Postcard
6. Rocket to God
7. Old Man Time Ain't No Friend of Mine
8. Avocado Mushrom Devil Trap
9. Music That Tears Itself Apart
10. August Closing His Mouth After a Long Summer's Yawn

(C)1998, Jason Webley.
Recorded in the kitchen
Mixed and mastered at Emerald City Productions.
Photographs: Sean Lyon and Jason Webley

With: Vernallis, Sean Lyon and a bunch of drunks.